Laser skin treatments are increasingly popular in London, for both cosmetic and medical reasons.

As laser technology becomes increasingly sophisticated, and cheaper, many of us are booking in to laser clinics for procedures that range from reducing wrinkles to removing entire tattoos.

The good news is that London has some of the best laser skin treatment clinics in the world.

We’ve produced a guide on the most popular treatments, and some listings of clinics where you can get them done.

Note: Check our Best London Laser Clinics page for full details on what each clinic offers.

Laser skin treatment London

Laser skin treatment being carried out by Dr. Braun (source).

Complete Guide to Laser Skin Treatments in London

Types of Laser Skin Treatments

Laser technology has improved at an astonishing rate in the last 15 years. The advance has ushered in a variety of brand new laser treatments for skin related conditions.

Lasers can be used to treat everything from acne to wrinkles to loose skin; as well as to remove moles, warts, age spots and even tattoos.

We’ve detailed some of the most popular laser treatments below:

Laser Resurfacing

Also known as lasabrasion, laser peel, or laser vapourization.

Laser resurfacing is a popular treatment that can reduce acne, wrinkles and skin scarring.

With this procedure, a beam of light is directed at the damaged skin where it peels away the molecular bonds layer by layer. The aim is to leave a smoother even layer of skin — fresh new cells — free from imperfections with less sign of aging or sun damage.

The anti-aging qualities of laser resurfacing has given it the nickname of ‘laser skin rejuvenation’, and it has become one of the most requested treatments in London’s many laser clinics.

Laser resurfacing is typically spread across several sessions.

A single ‘Face and Neck’ session will cost between £100-£200, but it will likely take 5 or 6 sessions to achieve the desired effect.

Laser Thread Vein Removal

Thread veins are a common skin condition that can affect the face, body and legs. They look like little burst blood vessels flicking across the skin; some people call them ‘Spider veins’.

They may be unsightly or embarrassing, but they are — thankfully — easy to treat.

Thread veins can be removed with laser, IPL or sclerotherapy therapy.

Laser treatment for thread veins is fast and effective. The procedure is typically noninvasive for veins up to 1-3 mm in size. A session lasts around 30 minutes and makeup can be applied afterwards (just in case you are concerned about getting it done in your lunch break!).

Thread vein removal in London costs around £50 per session for small veins, up to £200 for very large veins. Laser treatment may require 3-4 sessions to achieve the desired look. This will be assessed in your initial consultation.

Laser Mole Removal (Skin Tags and Milia)

Many types of superficial skin growths can be treated by laser; including moles.

Laser mole removal first involves numbing the area using a local anesthesia. You shouldn’t feel any major discomfort, although some people report a mild scratchy sensation.

Once numb the laser is used to excise the pigmentation in the mole. The pigment will clear away naturally as part of the body’s natural healing process.

You will have a scab over the treated skin, but this will heal naturally.

Laser mole removal is popular due to its noninvasive nature. Many London clinics offer it on the same day as the consultation. You can expect to pay around £75-150 for removal of a single mole.

Besides mole removal, many laser clinics also offer removal of skin tags (acrochordons, a fleshy brown growth often found on the neck or under breasts) and milia.

These treatments tend to be slightly cheaper than laser mole removal. You’ll typically pay around £50-£100.

Please note: Laser mole removal is only available for superficial moles on the skin surface. Moles are not suitable for laser treatment if they have deep roots under the skin.

Spectra Laser Peel

Spectra laser treatment is a skin rejuvenation procedure available in some London clinics.

Spectra can improve the appearance of aging and damaged skin, without the downtime associated to some laser procedures.

In other words, it’s suitable for the lunch break.

Before treatment, the physician will apply a soothing Spectra lotion to your skin. It has a carbon base, so it will look (and feel) like you’re wearing a mud mask. Laser energy is then applied directly to the skin, slowly passing over the affected areas and heating deep in the dermis.

The goal is to achieve fresh, youthful looking skin whilst reducing the appearance of pigment, fine lines and acne scaring.

Spectra laser peel requires several treatments to reap the full benefit. A single session costs around £200.

Laser Tattoo Removal

Are you looking to remove your ex’s name from its inked home on your body? Need to get a prominent tattoo removed for work reasons?

There are many reasons why you might want a tattoo to disappear.

Laser tattoo removal remains the fastest and most noninvasive way of getting the job done.

Several London clinics offer this service, with prices starting at around £50 per session, up to £200+. The total price will depend on the complexity of the tattoo, the size, and the number of colours used.

Always check the type of laser that a clinic is using for tattoo removal. It should be the Q-Switched laser.

The entire tattoo removal process can take several sessions. Expect 1-5 sessions for a small and simple design. At least 10 sessions for anything bordering on a ‘sleeve’!

Laser Skin Treatment Clinics in London

Below are some of the best clinics for laser skin treatments in London.

For comprehensive details of London’s best laser clinics, refer to our directory.

Central London

North London

  • Private Skin Laser ClinicDermatology Department, Royal Free Hospital, 1st Floor, Pond Street, London, NW3 2QG
  • SK:NClinics in East Finchley and Hampstead.
  • The Angel Laser ClinicMaples Business Centre First Floor, 144 Liverpool Road, London, N1 1LA

West London

East London

  • SK:NClinics in London Wall, Canary Wharf
  • Premier Laser ClinicAldgate: 34 Commercial Road, Aldgate East, London, E1 1LN

South London

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